Monday, 14 October 2013

Utility Week is here!

SouthWestern are attending the Utility Week Congress in London this week and are looking forward to getting to the root of the issues facing the utility industry. One area of particular interest is the upcoming price reviews where OFWAT will determine the next decades prices.

OFWAT will announce in November if they will challenge Thames Water application to increase water bills by 8%. One of the reasons for this hike is bad consumer debt.

SouthWestern BPO have been a leading BPO provider in the Credit Management area for a number of years. When the Irish economy faltered and recession hit in 2009 there was an immediate need for a company, who had the expertise and the tools, to assist those companies who needed to work with their customers to manage their debt. Now SouthWestern are going to be servicing a similar Credit Management facility from their newly opened Milton Keynes operations.

SouthWestern work with the leading utility companies in Ireland during the 30 - 90 day period. This is when customers are struggling to keep on top of thier bills for the first time.They work with the end customer to manage this delicate time and ensure consumer debt is prevented in the future. There are two key elements to the success of this process. Firstly, SouthWestern have embraced technology that helps identify patterns in bill payments. Secondly, the staff at SouthWestern BPO are the true stars here and are hired for their real life experience. Their ability to show empathy is key when relating to customers who have been effected by the economic downturn. Results have been positive both for the end customer and the Utility companies.

SouthWesten BPO are a specialist in niche BPO offerings ranging from CRM, Financial Services, Customer Experience Measurement and Inspections.

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