Monday, 14 October 2013

Utility Week is here!

SouthWestern are attending the Utility Week Congress in London this week and are looking forward to getting to the root of the issues facing the utility industry. One area of particular interest is the upcoming price reviews where OFWAT will determine the next decades prices.

OFWAT will announce in November if they will challenge Thames Water application to increase water bills by 8%. One of the reasons for this hike is bad consumer debt.

SouthWestern BPO have been a leading BPO provider in the Credit Management area for a number of years. When the Irish economy faltered and recession hit in 2009 there was an immediate need for a company, who had the expertise and the tools, to assist those companies who needed to work with their customers to manage their debt. Now SouthWestern are going to be servicing a similar Credit Management facility from their newly opened Milton Keynes operations.

SouthWestern work with the leading utility companies in Ireland during the 30 - 90 day period. This is when customers are struggling to keep on top of thier bills for the first time.They work with the end customer to manage this delicate time and ensure consumer debt is prevented in the future. There are two key elements to the success of this process. Firstly, SouthWestern have embraced technology that helps identify patterns in bill payments. Secondly, the staff at SouthWestern BPO are the true stars here and are hired for their real life experience. Their ability to show empathy is key when relating to customers who have been effected by the economic downturn. Results have been positive both for the end customer and the Utility companies.

SouthWesten BPO are a specialist in niche BPO offerings ranging from CRM, Financial Services, Customer Experience Measurement and Inspections.

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Please see OFWATS press release from earlier this year

Friday, 16 August 2013

SouthWestern BPO are pleased to announce they have been appointed to operate Fáilte Ireland’s National Quality Assurance Framework for both statutory and non-statutory listings which was previously operated by Tourism Accommodation Management Services (TAMS) and Tourism Standards Assessments Ltd., (TSA). Fáilte Ireland is the National Tourism Development Authority. Their role is to support the tourism industry and work to sustain Ireland as a high-quality and competitive tourism destination. We look forward to being a part of Irelands world famous tourist industry. 

Please read this article for more information:

Monday, 5 August 2013

SouthWestern BPO Open Another European Location in Poland

In Lodz Poland, last month, SouthWestern celebrated the opening of its brand new outsourcing facility.In a new state-of-the-art, 4th generation office complex, the new facilities accomodates SouthWesterns fast expansion as a multinational BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company servicing clients throughout Europe in over 20 languages. SouthWestern has quickly grown to over 200 staff in Poland in addition to over 500 people in its Irish operation. SouthWestern provides integrated front and back office services to public sector and Blue Chip private sector companies. Amongst the back office services, SouthWestern is a leader in Finance and Administration Outsourcing, Public sector data processing and human resource services outsourcing. In the front office, SouthWestern provides call centre, including citizen query in the public sector, and customer support and care, 24 hours a day, in the private sector.

New UK location to Open Shortly
Addressing staff in Lodz, Jim Costello, CEO of SouthWestern said "this is a very special time in the development of our company. SouthWestern started its international expansion in Poland 5 years ago with space for 150 people. Our growth has been phenomenal in both Ireland and internationally. We have outgrown our first facility already, but have already committed to doubling our size again in the Polish service centre over the next couple of years. Later on this year we will open our new UK facility in Milton Keynes, starting operations there with 30 people and expected growth to 70 people before the end of the year. This is in addition to further anticipated growth in Ireland, as we continue to expand in the Irish market. This is an exciting time to work in SouthWestern"

A Gateway to Europe for International Companies needing BPO Services

David Grindle , Chief Operation Officer of SouthWestern, told staff " this is just the beginning. Our market is growing all over Europe, and with SouthWestern's near-shore service offering, we are uniquely placed to provide excellent BPO services to this market. Our reputation is unrivalled and we have the capability and ambition to continue to expand rapidly". If you want to consolidate your operations in Europe, for front office or back office, save a lot of money, and bring in innovative technology tools, then SouthWestern is the ideal partner. I am very excited to be part of this growth story" .

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

SouthWestern joins Dublin Chamber Business Mission to London

SouthWestern Business Process Services is part of the 55-strong Irish based companies on a two day Dublin Chamber of Commerce business mission to London on May 21st & 22nd.  It will be the Chamber's largest ever international business mission and will incorporate briefings from UK business leaders, site visits and a networking reception at the House of Commons.
According to David Kelly, Chief Commercial Officer, SouthWestern, "A business mission of this kind is critical to Irish companies such as SouthWestern in  establishing relations with the market in the UK.  SouthWestern is committed to developing our business overseas and have recently won our first UK central government contract."


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Marketing Ireland: Attracting Foreign Direct Investment

I recently participated in the Gateway to Europe 2013 trip to the USA, , see this great blog by Abe Kasbo of Verasoni titled, 'Marketing Ireland - Attracing Foreign Direct Investment'



Tuesday, 9 April 2013

IBEC 'Delivering world-class public services - Working with business'

There has been a lot of discourse in the media of late concerning outsourcing within the Irish Public Sector, otherwise referred to as External Service Delivery.  IBEC recently produced a report titled 'Delivering world-class public services - Working with business' with regard to how the private sector can assist with the public sector reform agenda generally.  The following piece from the report outlines some of the myths concerning how outsourcing is perceived generally.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Retention of 'Deloitte Best Managed' title for 5th year running

Delighted and proud of the company having retained the title of one of Deloittes 'Best Managed Companies'.  Details on our website,

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Poland and Ireland in Europe are emerging as attractive destinations for voice contracts

An interesting development it seems in terms of buyers turning to BPO destinations like Ireland and Poland to provide their customer-facing on the following link

Thursday, 24 January 2013

BPO up, IT outsourcing down as Europe looks beyond cost cutting

In this weeks :

The value of IT outsourcing (ITO) contracts signed in Europe last year was the lowest for five years, while the value of business process outsourcing (BPO) deals rose by 35% compared with 2011, according to market research by TPI.
In its TPI Index, which records deals worth at least €4m, the value of European IT outsourcing deals in 2012 was €5.1bn, down from to €7bn in 2010. Meanwhile, annual BPO sales reached a record high at €3.1bn.
“ITO and BPO experienced a surprising reversal of fortunes across Europe. The €5.1bn in ITO contracts awarded in the region in 2012 was the lowest in five years. Contract counts were also down compared with recent years,” said the research.
BPO has been on the increase in recent years as companies look beyond cost cutting as the main driver of investments.
“Whereas ITO has been the mainstay of organisations looking to cut costs in a challenging business climate, EMEA companies are now looking beyond it to BPO value propositions, which can deliver a more profound business change,” said John Keppel, president at TPI parent ISG.
BPO has been providing businesses with a way to cut costs for years, but current IT trends are shaking up the sector. Technologies such as cloud computing, business analytics software, social media platforms and process automation software are being used within BPO to enable businesses to lower costs and be more effective.
Recent research from Accenture revealed that high-performing BPO relationships – those that deliver business value – use technology as a source of innovation and advantage, rather than just providing the infrastructure of delivery.
Overall outsourcing contract values in Europe last year were 12% down on 2011 levels at €8.2bn, while the number of outsourcing contracts worth €4m or more was 21% down at 434.